W.J. Castle & Associates

WJ Castle PE and Associates

Founded by William J. Castle in 1983, we are a structural/civil engineering company. We provide structural designs, inspection services, testing, and more to both government agencies and private contractors and companies.

For over 25 years, W. J. Castle has been known for its marine engineering expertise. Our team includes Structural and Civil Engineers who offer complete structural designs for building, replacing, or repairing bridges, piers, docks, underwater cables and more. We also employ Engineer-Divers who are proficient at underwater diagnostics and reporting, with the ability to develop repair designs as needed.

No matter what the project, we use the most state-of-the-art technology available to diagnose the situation. We then convert our engineering insight into practical design solutions that can be implemented quickly and efficiently, and are guaranteed to work well for years to come.

Services Overview

  • Structural / Marine Engineering
  • Construction Inspection & Management
  • Underwater Inspection Services
  • Specialty & Building Designs
  • Hydrographic / Fathometric Surveys
  • Non-Destructive Testing

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